Great for all types of fishing! 

Drifting a 1/16 oz sinker, very light 2 lb. line and a pink egg was the ticket this day. Caught a bunch and kept a few!

How to attach a float, with band, to your line. 

Introduction to RockyBrook products.

Catch trout with RB limestone sinker attached easily with a loop!

Pond fishing a shaky head with Bryan Partak.

RB limestone sinkers have a natural rattle when two "click" together or bounce off rocks!

Jay talks about RB 'insert free' Tungsten.

Trout fishing with a large 1/2 oz sinker & Trout Magnet in strong current (not a typical set up).  The sinker kept a natural drift for the magnet and the size of the sinker didn't spook the fish at all.  

RB Limestone sinker how to attach, adjust and remove for trout fishing.

Drop Shot fishing with Andy Godwin.

RB limestone sinkers shape and density gets fewer snags and rolls down stream easier!

How to peg a RB limestone sinker with a bobber stop.

Jimmy Houston shows how to fish the drop shot and shaky head using RB limestone sinker.

How to tie a Carolina rig with a RB Limestone sinker.

RB limestone sinker dances in the current adding action to your bait or lure!

Promo with Charlie Evans, Jay Yelas and Brook Pauley.