Fun Fact:  RockyBrook is named after the fishing buddies of owner Brook Pauley and his yellow lab, Rocky. 

Fun Fact:  RockyBrook is named after the fishing buddies of owner Brook Pauley and his yellow lab, Rocky. 

Fifteen years ago my dad and I began making limestone sinkers to help catch more trout.  We were searching for a sinker that gave our bait a natural drift and got fewer snags than split shot sinkers. Fishing, hunting and living outdoors is our everyday life, so it was equally important to make the sinker out of a material that didn’t need a warning label; it had to be safe for people and wildlife.  After a number of trials, we found that making them out of limestone worked best in more ways than one.

RockyBrook Sinkers formed in 2010 where we focused on manufacturing.  The initial part of manufacturing is done by machine and then finished by hand. Since a variety of sizes and shapes are available, trommels, screens, scales and tumblers are used to determine the size and shape the sinkers. The swivels and eyelets are carefully assembled by hand.  Craftsmanship is key to make the sinker with perfect balance and cast-ability.  Quality is very important and the sinkers pass through a number of hands before they're finished.  We're very proud to provide jobs within our community and say the sinkers are Made in America!

Fishing the FLW majors and BASS Opens have proved to be an invaluable and humbling experience.  We’ve built strong friendships along the way.  Having the opportunity to meet good people with like minded goals has allowed us to build a strong and informative field team which is conducive to bettering our company. 

The markets we tailor to are trout, bass and recreational anglers, although being sinkers they’re pretty much good for all types of fishing.  Our customer favorites are the trout and drop shot sinkers.  The trout sinkers offer a natural drift and more “jigging” action that is ideal for catching finicky trout.  The drop shot sinkers are popular with bass anglers.  They not only get fewer snags which is great for fishing rip rap banks, but also make a very loud natural sound similar to crawdads. 

Our goals are to make products that improve your time outdoors, keep prices affordable and keep it Made in America.  We like to view the limestone sinker as our flagship as we continue to grow.  We appreciate your business and as our customer we promise to treat you with the best service in the industry!  Thanks for reading and good luck fishing!